Lingbi Stone Collection

Part 1: Scholar's/Viewing Lingbi Stone (贡石)

Tribute stone to the royalty

A dancing lady

 Tribute stone with two dragons

The Singing Phoenix

Graceful bearing

Lion roars in the forest

Be prepared for danger in times of peace

Return to the original

Mountain peaks pull the clouds around

Newborn bamboo

Chi Kung

Looking back to a past golden age

Mountain peaks lock up the clouds

Clouds surging forward

Chi Kung


Roaring Lion

The elephant

Buddhist monk


Lions to guard a court for peace

Eagle spreading the wings

Hills sweep round the valley

Horse endeavors to exploit


The Daughter of the Sea

Return From Herding

Cat playing with fishes

Kylin (Auspicious Animal)

Spine of the Mountains

The mountain peaks cleaned by the rain

Pig bringing wealth

Golden Phoenix spreading the wings

Eagle soaring in the sky

Part 2: Pocket Size Lingbi Stone Collection (袖珍石)


baby panda


baby tiger



Chi Kung


Part 3: Four Special Animals (四大神兽)
(Blue Dragon 青龙, White Tiger 白虎, Vermilion Bird 朱雀, Black Tortoise 玄武)


Blue Dragon (青龙) has been used as the symbol of Chinese people for thousands years, which means unique and mysterious inspirits and passions. This stone has the shape of dragon which vividly envisions the beautiful posture and powerful appearance. White Tiger (白虎) has been viewed as the symbol of power and authority in the Chinese culture. This stone embeds the powerful look of tiger and encourages people to overcome every obstacle with great courage.


Vermilion Bird (朱雀) means person with outstanding ability which is a fictional bird as known as phoenix. This stone has the shape of phoenix and seems to fly in the sky. Black Tortoise (玄武) represents fortune and long-life in Chinese culture. Also, it was told the Tortoise can foresee or anticipate the fate. This stone envisions the clumsy posture of Tortoise.