Education of Lingbi Stone Collection

 Books on Lingbi Stone Collection (灵璧石收藏专著)

are books includes tremendous research findings of Lingbi stone in past few years. They cover the formation of Lingbi Stone from the historical perspective, the culture behind Lingbi Stone, and many interesting stories about famous Lingbi Stone collectors. Moreover, they provide tutorials on how to appreciate Lingbi Stone and how to give them a pretty name. Please contact us if you are interested to read them.

 Lingbi Stone Category (灵璧石收藏种类)

Lingbi Stone can be categorized into six types:

       (1) Qing stone (磬石): the highest-quality Lingbi stone, which was used as the percussion instrument for emperor and loyalty in the history. Qing stone has sweet sound when being tapped with a coin. In particular, the most renowned are dark in color, which become quite rare due to overexploitation right now.

       (2) Dragon Scales stone (龙鳞石): the surfaces of these stones look like the scales of fish, which have irregular patterns.

      (3) Chromatic stone (五彩石): these stones have various colors, including yellow, purple red, brown, red and cyan. As such, they can easily reflect the scenery in our real lives, such as rivers, sun rise, sun set, flood, cloud and so on.

      (4) Gray Jade stone (青玉石): this type of Lingbi stone is very hard but has very smooth surface. Typically, these stones consist of two colors (red and black) and look like massif.

      (5) Embroidery stone (绣花石): the shapes of embroidery stones tend to be round or oval and have black or gray background.

      (6) White Lingbi stone (白灵壁石): within different background colors, you can find many irregular white spots, which are very mysterious and beautiful. They enable people to envision the snow in the winter.

Traditional stone appreciation theory for Lingbi Stone include "crumple 皱, lean 瘦, leak 漏 and transparence 透" as well as "shape 形, color 色, texture 质 and vein 纹".

We show some high-quality collections in the below which cover all different Lingbi stone and can be transferred with reasonable price. Please contact for specific Lingbi stone shown below or inform us your favorite type. Thank you.

 Selected Historical Famous Lingbi Stone  (历史名石鉴赏)

(1) Lingbi Stone in The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York City, US)

This Lingbi stone has arrived at New York long time ago and was collected by the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art. It has been seen by hundreds of millions visitors every day. (Official Link of Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Sorce:  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

(2) Fu Mi's Lingbi Stone

This Lingbi stone is collected by famous calligraphy, Fu Mi (米芾), who is a big fan of Lingbi Stone. This stone has variable shapes and beautiful structures so that Fu Mi was extremely fascinated with it.

Left: an artificial copy of the original Lingbi stone owned by Fu Mi. Unfortunately, the original one has been lost since long time ago;
Right: The explanation of the beauty in this Lingbi Stone. Each part of this stone has unique and fascinating shape.
Fu Mi wrote a poem for this Lingbi stone as shown in the below photo, which consists of 39 Chinese characters. This is the most brilliant work of art from him in his whole life. In 2002, this masterpiece was found in Japan and Chinese government bought it with ¥29,990,000 RMB (about $5,000,000 USD) which means each Chinese character worths ¥769,000 RMB (about $120,000 USD).  

(3) Lingbi Stone Collected by the Emperor of Qing Dynasty

For a long time in the history of China, Lingbi stone can only be owned by royalty. Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty had conferred it “the best stone in the world”, therefore, making it very famous and precious.

Lingbi stone has been placed in people's garden or house for viewing purpose since long time ago. The following stone was collected by the Emperor of Qing dynasty in his palace, which demonstrate the long history of Lingbi stone collection in China.

How Lingbi Stone is found? (灵璧石发掘过程)
We introduce the origin of the Lingbi Stone directly from the home of it. In general, the Lingbi Stone can be uniquely found from the Lingbi county, a place belonging to Suzhou city, Anhui province of P.R. China. The following google map shows the location of Lingbi country and we provide detailed location of origin for Lingbi stone.

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In the past decades, the Lingbi stones can be easily found on the surface of several local mountains as shown in following figures. Nowadays the Lingbi stones with highest quality can only be found under the ground and the locals always dig deep holes on the mountains to find them.
At the first glance, Lingbi stone does not look pretty (the raw stone in shown in the below left). However, after being cleaned with water, the Lingbi stone can show their real metallic-like color and skins.

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