著有《中国灵璧石论》《中国灵璧石命名》与张金玲著《奇石鉴赏》与王晨著《灵璧石欣赏》《古今灵璧石名家名石大观》与陈民府、刁双喜、王晨著《中国灵璧石图谱》 潜心研究灵璧石文化,被誉为走动中的“灵璧石”。
Jie Gong was born in Mengcheng city, Anhui Province. He served as vice president of Chinese Viewing Stone Association, First-Class Certificated Critic for Viewing-Stone, vice president and secretary general of Chinese Research Institution of Lingbi Stone, member of Writers Association of Anhui Province, member of Artists Association of Anhui Province, vice president and research staff of Research Institution of Lingbi Stone in Suzhou College, distinguished professor of Suzhou College, Associate Editor of Journal of Chinese Lingbi Stone, Associate Editor of Chinese Lingbi Stone News, member of Chinese Cultural Alliance in America.

He has authored "The Theory of Chinese Lingbi Stone" and “The Naming Art of Chinese Lingbi Stone”. Also, he coauthored “The Appreciation for Chinese Lingbi Stone”, “The Complete Book of Best Lingbi Stones and Famous Collectors” and “Collection of Chinese Lingbi Stone” with other people. He was honored to be "Walking Lingbi Stone" in China due to his outstanding research contribution of Chinese Lingbi Stone.

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Lihua Zhang was born in Mengcheng city, Anhui Province. She graduated from China Academy of Art and holds memberships of several associations (including Chinese Calligraphers Association, Chinese Poetry Society, Beijing Ziguang pavilion Huairen Art Club, Writers Association of Anhui Province). In addition, she served as the vice president of Women Calligraphers Association of Anhui Province, research staff of Art and History Museum of Anhui Province, consultant of Writers Association in Suzhou Huang-Huai-Hai areas, calligrapher of Suzhou Painting and Calligraphy Academy, distinguished professor of Suzhou College, vice president of Suzhou Seal Engravers Society, and president of Suzhou Woman Calligraphers Association.

She was admitted as a graduate student into the department of calligraphy at China Academy of Art in 2002, where she studied all related arts including calligraphy, Poetry, painting, seal cutting. Also, she was selected to attend the Woman Calligraphization of “Wan-Yu-Gan-Qiong” areas. In addition, she was invited to write the biggest Chinese character of “photography” in the world during the 3rd summit of Chinese Photography Association. She was awarded the first prize in the painting and calligraphy contest for the 20th anniversary of Huaihai Economic Zone. Moreover, she was awarded the golden prize in both the contest of Characters written across the arch of a palace gate and the 3rd scholar Beijing invitation exhibition. In 2012 she visited the U.S. for exhibition purpose as a deputy of the painting and calligraphy community in Anhui Province.

She has authored several books, including “Three Hundred Poems Collection of Lihua Zhang”, “The Innermost Thoughts and Feelings of a Mother”, “Cultural and Historical Records of Chinese Lingbi Stone”.

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