Appraisal Service

 Mission: We specialize in appraisal of Lingbi Stone of all different categories. Our team locates in Lingbi county of P.R. China and has more than 20+ years experience of collecting, trading and appreciating Lingbi stones. We have the knowledge and experience to leverage our expertise to address any valuation questions.

Process: once an appraisal order and the payment are received, we assign it to your appraiser within one business day or less. Our appraisal coordinator personally talks with the assigned appraiser to clarify the customer needs and provide all documents (such as documents, photos, reference, etc.) to him/her. The appraiser will try their best to finish the complete appraisal report within  5 business days. Our appraiser manager will review the appraisal report to guarantee all information to be correct and accurate. Our customer is always in the loop during the entire transaction from the appraisal request through delivery. Lastly, the appraisal report will be delivered to our customer.

Credential: our appraiser have first-class certificate from The National Chinese Viewing Stone Association. There are less than 40 persons in China who hold this official certificate. Also, they have rich first-hand market information through large-volume trades of Lingbi stones in China.

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Authentication Services

When you bought a Lingbi stone, do you have this question: is this a REAL Lingbi stone without any sculpture or treatment?
It is a great loss to buy a fake or replica Lingbi stone as an investment.
We are here to help! Our experts had been collecting Lingbi stone for more than 20+ years and be able to identify those fake or replica stones with high precision.
We made no mistake in authenticating REAL Lingbi stone!

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