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 Company Headquarter Address: No. 3, 1st Lane, dTongjian Road,
                                                    Suzhou, Anhui Provience,
                                                    People's Republic of China
                               Postal Code: 234000
                                           地址: 安徽省宿州市浍水路1巷3号
                                            邮编: 234000
                                            电话: +86 557 3902021


Directions to our headquarter:

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Our headquarter locates in the city of Suzhou, which has 40-mins driving distance to Lingbi county

To visit the home of Lingbi stone, please fly to Shanghai or Beijing international airport. From there, it is quite convenient to take high-speed railway and you will arrive at Suzhou in a couple of hours (i.e., ~4 hours from Beijing to Suzhou, and ~2.5 hours from Shanghai to Suzhou). Then, it takes 40 mins on driving to arrive at Lingbi county.

TIPS: It is quite challenging for first-time visitors to hang around in Lingbi county. You are strongly suggested to get help from the local for directions.